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Visit Sumo Dojo

The second Sumo experience course was held following on Feb.5th 2015. There are not so many opportunities in a daily life to get close to Sumo, so to know more about the Japanese national sport, we had an aspiring sumo wrestler, Ota-san as a lecturer and he gave international students a very interesting lesson.

First, how do sumo wrestlers acquire such big body size? What kind of food do they usually eat?

In order to answer this question, Ota-san made the most standard dish called “chanko-nabe” in front of international students. Ota-san’s chanko-nabe was very nutritious and delicious, but the volume was astoundingly huge…


Of course, sumo wrestlers cannot get strong just by eating large amount of food. Then, how do they train? Following chanko-nabe demonstration, Ota-san showed their usual practice.

In the sumo practice, international students found out that sumo movements are never as easy as they seem to be. The exercises are quite hard and energy consuming.


It is not so difficult to raise one leg but holding the leg in the raised position and bringing it back slowly is quite hard and takes well built muscles.


Sump wrestler’s loincloth fitting experience.


Pull it tight!


It’s time to wrestle!


We had such a great time! We sincerely appreciate having this memorable and valuable experience!