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Field Trip to Kyoto Ecology Center

On the Health Sports Day, we went for field trip to Kyoto Ecology Center with 8 exchange students.
Before leaving to the Center, we went for lunch at “Ganko” in Sanjyo.Ready to go to the Ecology Center!

We learned about the center and activities from Mr. Endo who works here.

These are the Manga drown by the director of the Ecology Center. The title is “Consciousness and Behavior”.

We were shown how our behavior for saving water could be different. You could see the difference before and after concerning about saving water.

First time to touch the solar panel.

We tried to make the toy car run with man power. But we realize how hard it is to make it run.

Taking our memorial photo in front of the green wall

Next we visited the Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth. We tried to take a photo in front the magic mirror. Is everyone in?report_eco_p08