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Support for working Holiday



Working Holiday at Kyoto

Working holiday programs are, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), “intended to make it possible for the youth of Japan and its partner countries/regions to enter each country/region primarily for the purpose of spending holidays while allowing them to engage in employment as an incidental activity of their holidays for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.” Japanese government provide Working Holiday Visa to approximately 10,000 people a year and Kyoto also has many Working Holiday visitors these days.


The main purpose of Working Holiday Program is to obtain broader view through the life in another country and culture. Thus, Kyoto can be said as one of the most meaningful destination of the program in Japan because of its cultural value made through long history as previous Japanese capital since 794. Furthermore, as a worldwide famous city for sightseeing, Kyoto is getting more and more important to play the role for better international friendship.


ICC supports the foreigners who chose Kyoto as your Working Holiday place through various services.


 1.  Assistance to get part time job

The first thing to do is to find a job to earn enough money for the stay. ICC can introduce you some unpublished vacancies using our channels. In addition to it, we can support your applying for other published vacancies by helping writing CV in Japanese and pre-interview training.

 2.  Housing support

In Japan, the house renting system is complicated and some accommodations are not open for foreigners. ICC can help you find comfortable accommodation by introducing the accommodations which are available for foreigners and by providing information of information of Japanese renting system. We also have houses such as fully furnished and only one year contract (Normally 2 years in Japan).

3.  Legal concerning consultancy

Unfortunately, there are some pernicious agents and companies. They intend to take advantages of Working Holiday Program participants and to contract with terrible working condition and/ or not paying appropriate wage. In order to avoid these problems, we are not only providing information prior to start working, but also our corporation lawyer can help you solve these problems. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you feel strange!

 4.  Japanese lesson

Once you start working, let’s learn Japanese to communicate better in our Japanese class. Kind and experienced teachers will teach you for Just 200 yen!


Please feel free to ask us from the from below.

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Lecture on Working in Japan

ICC holds a lecture for foreign workers and students for free. If you are interested, please make a reservation by email, phone or using the form below.

      Also, we provide the information about the recruitment by Japanese companies. Some Japanese companies want to hire foreign part-time workers and post the information about it on the ICC website. If you register our job information providing system, we can provide the information about the work you are interested in more smoothly.


The Contents

How to write a CV

You are usually required to submit your CV in job interview to the interviewer. We show you how to write a CV.

Greetings and Manners

Probably, greetings are the most important in Japanese job interview.


The teacher provides opportunities to practice a job interview, which enables you to relax in a real interview.





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