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Home Visit

Indeed, excursion to historical sites is definitely nice. However, if you would rather like to know local people and their life through the trip, we recommend you to visit local home.

Visiting stranger home makes us nervous at the first time, but host family’s kind welcome melted it like the ice cream they gave us. And they taught us how to eat particular Japanese ice cream.


Then, the host father brought Hina-Ningyou, traditional Japanese doll to tell us the old story with his daughter. This is good memory also for me now.


The most surprising thing in the visit is that he has traditional tea room at home though it is ordinary Japanese-style room. He told us how to behave at the tea ceremony in the room. Bitter Maccha green tea perfectly harmonized sweet confectionery. It was absolutely fantastic experience.


Though it was short stay, this was enough to make me feel like I got the dearest family in Japan. We definitely will come back again. I also wish you come to my home in the future.