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Experience Rural Kyoto

Today, we drove one hour away from the city, came to a rural area in Kyoto. It was surrounded by mountains. The air was so fresh, we felt refreshed immediately upon arrival. The host came to greet us by passing us a bucket of soil. What were we going to do with this?


Surprise! Surprise! we were going to use the soil to make our own bonsai. For most of us, it was our very first time experience. See how we did. 


For lunch, guess what we were going to have. The host surprised us again by setting up the table and a huge empty bowl. He decided to make soba noodles for us from the scratch. 


We felt so luck to have the chance to watch the whole process of making handmade soba noodles. Not only that, we also got a chance to cut the soba noodles by ourselves. The soba noodles were so thin, and yet the cutting knife of noodles was so big and heavy.


Gathering around the long wooden table, having handmade soba noodles along with seasonal local fish, the taste was beyond words.


After lunch. We helped to pull up the weeds in the farm.


What a wonderful day to be with you all!