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Supporting Career Development

ICC can assist anyone hoping to find a job in Kyoto or exchange students seeking work. We will work with you to make sure your career plan succeeds. We can recommend various lectures and classes to help you learn about Japanese companies and corporate culture. We can also provide advice on preparing for job interviews, visiting companies, meeting exchange students who have already found jobs, and any other aspects of career development.

The ICC can arrange short-term exchange programs and internships – these can enable you to experience the Japanese working environment before you start a permanent job.If you participate these, you can learn the Japanese manners which are quite important in the Japanese culture.

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Examples of Events and Lectures

Ⅰ Lecutere on Business Manners

II Cross-cultural Understanding : What foreigners struggle with “ambiguous Japanese expression, Japanese company, culture of Aun,”/ That’s odd: Japanese/ That’s odd: Foreigners

III Understanding Kyoto Companies

  Lecture from the personnel department of a compay that proactively hires foreigners.
  What are the HR characteristics that International companies want?

     Issues that happens when a foreigner is hired

Ⅳ Presentation by Researchers
  Issues that foreign exchange students face during job hunting

Ⅴ Talking about the success on starting a business in Japan

Ⅵ Recounting on former exchange students experiences; Advice on job hunting and after being hired in a Japanese company

Ⅶ Job hunting advice from the career planner and how to self-analysis for it