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Japanese Classes

ICC holds Japanese language classes at all levels from basic to advanced. You can study not only the language but also the culture of Kyoto and Kyoto dialects.

Our volunteer teachers have more than 5 years of teaching experience at the Kyoto City International Foundation and they offer small group or private lessons on demand. We also offer to the teacher of the Foundation a Chinese course which had a great response (See here for details).

These classes are attended by students of many nationalities and always have a lively atmosphere. You can learn to speak the language and also make new friends. Stop by to see our classes in action and to meet our volunteer teachers.

Words from Students: I have been participating in this Japanese lessons ever since I came to Japan. Since the lessons are held on Sundays, I can take part in them. The teachers are really kind and good at teaching. The students are from various countries all over the world. Although irregularly, the teachers have a party, so we can enjoy ourselves. Let’s enjoy the lessons with us.

Words from Teachers: Most of the students are international stundents, but some are foreign workers. All of them could not understand Japanese at all when they arrived in Japan. At the moment, each student has their own teacher, which make it possible for them to imprive their skill in Japanese. Those students hardly have any chances to talk with Japanese people, so we offer chances for them to speak Japanese. The teachers and their students are really good friends, so the students can enjoy studying. We not only teach stundents Japanese but also provide information about the events held in Kyoto, such as festivals.
Sundays: 10:00~12:00/14:00~16:00 (200 yens)
Our class is moved to Kyoto City International Foundation causing of COVID-19.
Location:  2F Library
You need to register beforehand: Registration form