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Legal Consultation


You may face the various problems related to the Japanese laws. Of course, the Japanese citizens also worry about them as well as you, foreign people. However, it is more likely that you are in trouble in Japan since most of you have difficuty understanding the Japanese language or making you understood in Japanese, or lack the knowledge in the laws. If you know a place for the consultation, you can prevent or solve the problems.

The advisor: Nakamine Masafumi

Reception time for consultation: Monday ~ Friday 13:00~17:00
You need a reservation beforehand.

Typical Problems

  • 1. Am I allowed to work with only a temporary visit visa?
  • 2. My visa has been expired and I’m now an illegal resident. What are my options?
  • 3. I’m in Japan for prolonged stay. I want to go back to my country for a while during my vacation. Is there any procedure that I have to do?
  • 4. Can I marry a foreigner who has overstayed?
  • 5. What is the legal basis for the issuance of visa?
  • 6. How would my personal information be handled when I applied for a visa?
  • 7. I have lost my passport that had my visa attached. What should I do?
  • 8. What is the responsibility of a Surety?
  • 9. I heard that the amendment in the Immigration Law for “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationality” had changed. What are the details of this change?
  • 10. Will there be a greater chance of acceptance if I apply via an immigration lawyer?
  • 11. I have a student visa and I’m going to marry a Japanese person. Do I have to apply for change of residential status?
  • 12. What is Certificate of Eligibility?
  • 13. I’m an exchange student, can I do part-time job?
  • 14. I want to find a job in Japan after I graduate. What can I do?
  • 15. What are the requirements for special permission to stay in Japan?
  • 16. What will happen to the residence status if a foreigner divorces from a Japanese national?
  • 17. I want to gain Japanese nationality, but do I have the qualifications?
  • 18. What are the types of work visa in Japan?
  • 19. I’m a foreigner – is it possible for me to receive welfare?
  • 20. My foreigner friend had been arrested. What will happen?
  • 21. How do I make a contract with a Japanese company?
  • 22. Can I use a insurance when I’m injured?
  • 23. My working visa was expired before I knew. Am I going to get a pay?
  • 24. My employers do not give me the pay. What should I do?