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Field Trip to Ohara2

On 28th November, We met at Ohara station. It was decided to be held again because it was amazing last year!

We picked our favorite flowers or leaves from the garden. And we dyed handkerchief from it. We learned what kind of leaves can use for dying, and what kind of colors you can get. You dip the handkerchief into the magical water to make the handkerchief colorful. When I opened the handkerchief in clean water, it dyed beautifully!!

It was great weather! The local guide showed us around the town.

We visited temple to join the Zen class. The monk explained about what is Zazen. After we learned about Zen meditation, he rang the bell for 3 times. It is the time to start meditate. The beginning of a period of Zazen is traditionally announced by ringing a bell three times, and the end of a round by ringing the bell twice. It was first experience for all of us. It was not so easy to sit and meditate for 30 mins, but we could learn Japanese Zen Buddhism. We also had Green tea with sweets after all.

The time past so fast! It is already time for dinner! We had very nice organic vegetable food with soup. We had a great time with awesome people.