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Information on Part-time Jobs


Notice for Foreign Students Wanting to Work Part-Time

An Additional Permission is Required 

If you want to work part-time in Japan, you need the permission to engage in an activity other than that is permitted under the status of residence granted.

How to get the Permission 

You need to submit some documents, such as application forms, passport, and residence card, to the Immigrant Bureau to get the sticker attached on your passport or the permission documents.

The Restrictions on Working in Japan under the Permission 

You are allowed to engage in work less than 28 hours a week and not to work in amusement businesses such as sex industry.

The Minimum Wage Law 

If you get the permission, the Minimum Wage Law is applied to you as well as the Japanese citizens. 

 Disqualifying Conditions

For the following cases, the Immigration Bureau revokes the permission.

①You break the working conditions.

②You do not work even though you get the permission

③The Bureau regard the work you are engaged in as breaking the conditions


Lecture on Working in Japan

ICC holds a lecture for foreign workers and students  for free. If you are interested, please make a reservation by email, phone or using the form below.

      Also, we provide the information about the recruitment by Japanese companies. Some Japanese companies want to hire foreign part-time workers and post the information about it on the ICC website. If you register our job information providing system, we can provide the information about the work you are interested in more smoothly.


The Contents

How to write a CV

You are usually required to submit your CV in job interview to the interviewer. We show you how to write a CV.

Greetings and Manners

Probably, greetings are the most important in Japanese job interview.


The teacher provides opportunities to practice a job interview, which enables you to relax in a real interview.

Issue a Certificate

When you complete the whole process above, we issue a certificate which shows you took part in our lecture. If you show this certificate to the interviewer, they will regard you as a man of character.




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